Brooke Marks Cam Ghost Tape – Halloween

Brooke Marks has had a rather haunting Halloween, are you brave enough to see what happened?  It all started with a haunted pillow which she received through the post from one of her fans, after it went into the wash it multiplied, then it turned out that the pillow could talk, Brooke started to fall in love with the pillow.  On Halloween something very strange happened after the pillow asked Brooke to strip and then to pass it a beer, her cam was on and captured all the creepy goings on.  If you’re feeling brave and you want to see exactly what happened to Brooke that night, just head over to the official Brooke Marks website >HERE<.

Brooke-Marks-Ghost-1 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-2 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-3 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-4 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-5 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-6 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-7 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-8 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-9 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-10 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-11 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-12 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-13 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-14 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-15 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-16 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-17 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-18 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-19 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-20 Brooke-Marks-Ghost-21 brooke-marks-ghost

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