Party All Star Girl Shananigan – Leather and Lime

Shananigan made her first appearance on Party All Star with her 4th July video, she caught everyone’s attention with her energy, now she’s back for some more.  This is her Leather and Lime photoshoot, Shananigan is wearing a set of black bra and panties, she’s sitting on a leather couch, she slowly starts to strip and tease, until eventually she is only covering her naughty bits with two slices of lime and a bottle of Corona Extra.  To enjoy the fully uncensored photoshoot in hi-res along with much more, simply go over to the Party All Star website >HERE< and enjoy the party atmosphere!

Party-All-Star-1 Party-All-Star-2 Party-All-Star-3 Party-All-Star-4 Party-All-Star-5 Party-All-Star-6 Party-All-Star-7 Party-All-Star-8 Party-All-Star-9 Party-All-Star-10 Party-All-Star-11 Party-All-Star-12

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