Desiree Jacobsen teasing in a tight red dress for Zishy

Desiree Jacobsen looks hot, sexy and stunning in her tight red mini dress in these photos for Zishy. This hottie has a beautiful smile that can change to a sultry sexy glare in an instant. Her tight red dress really shows off her amazing body and beautiful long legs. She can’t seem to wait to show us everything as she keeps hitching up her dress to give more and more glimpses of her sexy bum! Finally as she kneels in the dress and high heels you really get to see why this babe is so popular. For more photos of stunning girls including Desiree Jacobsen, click the Zishy link or any of the pics below for access the full site. Enjoy!

Desiree Jacobsen posing in a tight red dress-ZishyDesiree Jacobsen smiling and teasing-ZishyDesiree Jacobsen giving a sexy stare as she gives a small glimpse of her cute bum-ZishyDesiree Jacobsen gives a cheeky grin as she holds her bum cheeks-ZishyDesiree Jacobsen kneels on a chair in a tight red dress and high heels-Zishy

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